Affinage Salon Professional Kitoko Advanced Hair Therapy

Hydro Revive

The Replenishers

Replenishes & moisturises dry, dull or coarse hair, leaving it soft, supple & beautifully radiant. Colour-safe formulations.

  • Hydro Revive Cleanser 
  • Hydro Revive Balm
  • Hydro Revive Active Masque

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Purify and Control

The Eliminators

Kitoko® Purifying Cleanser gently detoxifies the hair, removing impurities & all adverse signs of product build-up. Colour-safe formulation. 

Kitoko® Dandruff-Control products actively soothe & reduce skin irritation & inflammation. Their anti-bacterial & anti-fungal action also prevents further scalp irritation. Colour-safe formulations.

  • Purifying Cleanser 
  • Dandruff-Control Cleanser 
  • Dandruff-Control Balm
  • Dandruff-Control Scalp Lotion 

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Volume Enhance

The Revitalisers

Refreshes & weightlessly volumises fine hair, leaving it free from static, revitalised & full of lasting body. Colour-safe formulations.

  • Volume-Enhance Cleanser 
  • Volume-Enhance Leave-In Treatment 
  • Volume-Enhance Active Treatment

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Nutri Rerstore

The Rejuvenators

Rejuvenates & strengthens fragile, damaged & chemically treated hair, leaving it beautifully restored & protected from further harm. Colour-safe formulations.

  • Nutri Restore Cleanser
  • Nutri Restore Balm
  • Nutri Restore Active Masque

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Age Prevent

Renewed energy

Renewed energy for ageing, fragile or thinning hair. 

Kitoko® Age-Prevent combines nourishing botanical extracts with unique technology to help combat the signs of ageing hair: 

Thinning | Breakage | Split Ends | Lacklustre Colour | Dryness | Frizzy or Unruly White Hairs.

This new hair therapy system rebalances & rehabilitates the scalp, creating the optimum environment for the growth of beautiful healthy hair.

  • Age-Prevent Cleanser
  • Age-Prevent Balm
  • Age-Prevent Scalp Tonic

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Special Treatments

The Experts

As hair and scalp issues are not necessarily restricted to just one problem, Kitoko®Special Treatments have been created to complement each of the four other therapeutic regimes. Colour-safe formulations.

  • Oil Treatment
  • Active pH Re-Balancer
  • Active Restructurant
  • Sun-Defence UV Protect Spray

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